Staff Development

Training and instruction for bullying prevention and intervention of all administrators, certified staff, support staff and ancillary groups should include developing awareness, skill-building, and monitoring progress to effectively prevent and/or intervene in bullying behaviors and encourage pro-social behaviors.

Refer to the Resources section of the Bullying Prevention website for additional information.

Staff Development Plan

All staff should become aware of basic information and strategies for bullying prevention and intervention. Training on the school’s instructional plan or curriculum for students regarding the issue of bullying should be provided for staff who are responsible for classroom instruction. The staff development plan should additionally provide for training of new staff or others who would be in need of the information.

Awareness – Reviewed Annually (All Staff)

Introductory staff development provides awareness of bullying and can be conducted through direct presentations, meetings, role plays, video resources, literature, etc. and may include the following.

  • Explanation of the district’s goal, definition of bullying and anti-bullying policy

  • Vocabulary related to bullying

  • Clarification of the difference between bullying and normal conflict, bullying and harassment

  • Types of bullying and examples of bullying behaviors

  • Explanation of related issues (sexual harassment, other harassment, hazing, cyberbullying)

  • Characteristics of the participants in bullying situations (bully, target, bystander)

  • Research or information on the impact of bullying on individuals, academic performance and school climate

Prevention and Intervention – Updated Annually (All Staff)

Building on awareness, all staff should be provided with strategies to prevent and intervene in bullying. This information should be reviewed annually with a report on new data and local program modifications or updates.

  • Local data on bullying behaviors (location, types, etc.)

  • Local program/plan for prevention/intervention (school bullying policy, supervision plan, curriculum, etc.)

  • Specific strategies for addressing the participants in bullying situations

Instructional Plan for Students – As Needed (Administrators and Teachers)

Based on a review of the needs assessment and current programs or curriculum, staff development may provide information or training on additional resources and/or new programs/curriculum adopted by the school. A comprehensive bullying prevention education plan for students includes understanding of the bystander’s role in preventing or intervening in bullying and social skills development for all students.

Specialized Training – As Needed (Administrators and Interventionists)

Schools may designate a person(s) to serve in the role of interventionist who takes on the primary responsibility for working specifically with social skills training for those students who engage in or experience bullying behaviors (bullies, targets.) 

The Nebraska Department of Education offers this website to provide awareness and resources that help schools prevent bullying and provide safe and secure environments. Click on the topics in the column on the left for bullying prevention information. 

Bullying Prevention Site Information



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