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Adult Program Services
301 Centennial Mall South
PO Box 94987
Lincoln, NE 68509-4987
Fax: 402-742-8372

Sharon Katt
Phone:  402-471-2405

• Senior Administrator for Adult Program Services (Adult Education, Private Postsecondary Career Schools and Veterans Education, Teacher Certification, and Educator Preparation)
• Rules 21 and 23 (Teacher Certification and Basic Skills Competency)• Educator preparation requirements and initiatives
• Rules 20, 24, and 25 (Educator Preparation Program Approval, Certificate Endorsements, and Excellence in Teaching Act)• State and national educator preparation program approval processes

Marlene Beiermann
Phone:  402-471-3397

• Nebraska Council on Teacher Education (NCTE)• Educator preparation program approval
* Ad Hoc committees• Contracts
• Meeting preparation 

Karen Buller
Phone:  402-471-4837

• Excellence in Teaching Act• Teach in Nebraska
* Attracting Excellence to Teaching Program• Teacher Vacancy Survey
* Enhancing Excellence in Teaching Program 
* Rule 25 (forgivable loan programs) 

Pat Madsen
Phone:  402-471-4863

• Nebraska Council on Teacher Education (NCTE)• Title II HEA – ETS
* Ad Hoc committees• Content/Skills Testing
• Educator preparation program approval 
* Folio Reviews/State approval process 

Janine Theiler
Phone:  402-471-4838

• Educator Effectiveness
* Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Framework
* Professional Development
* Building Leadership Supports
* Supporting Effective Local Policy Makers and Superintendents