You’ve Passed All the Tests!

Dear Graduate:

You’ve recently passed all the GED® tests? Congratulations on meeting the scoring requirements making you eligible to obtain a State of Nebraska Department of Education High School Diploma!

Change of Address? Contact the GED® Testing Service to ask for an update to your account: 877-392-6433 and email your change of address to:

Within the next two weeks, you will receive an envelope from the Nebraska Department of Education. Two different forms will arrive. One is the fee letter/form for your diploma. Complete that and return it to our office with $5 (cash/check/money order). If you haven’t received a letter from the Department in two weeks after passing all the tests, check your GED® account to be sure that your address is current and correct. The second form you’ll find is to request an Official Transcript. The fee is $2.  Click the link to download the Nebraska GED Transcript Request Form.

Requirements for Issuance of Diploma:

Passing test scores: A minimum standard score of 145 is required on each of the four tests for a total standard score of 580 to be eligible to receive a high school equivalency credential. A score of at least 165 on a test module indicates college and career readiness in that particular subject area.

Minimum age: 18 and is unable to secure a diploma from the high school he/she last attended; or the class of which he/she was a member at the time of withdrawal from school has been graduated for at least one year; and

Residence: An individual must have been a resident of Nebraska for at least the 30 days immediately preceding diploma issuance. An individual is also eligible for a State of Nebraska High School Diploma if the GED® scoring requirements have been met and the final period of high school attendance which credit was earned towards graduation was in a Nebraska high school.

Updated December 6, 2017 9:17am