Career Pathways Instructional Material

Nebraska Adult Education and GED

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Career Pathways Instructional Material

College and Career Readiness Plan for Nebraska Adult Education
Nebraska’s Career Pathways (wheel) of program components with links to various websites.

Eligible Population By County
For Fiscal Year 2015, by county, the number and percentage of eligible adults ages 18-64 who were served in Nebraska AE programs.

Intake Form
Career Pathways Interview and Plan for AE students. (To be used during program orientation.)

Nebraska Middle Skill Jobs
A look at the need for more middle skill workers in Nebraska.

Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation Offices
A list of Nebraska’s Vocational Rehabilition Offices, with contact information.

ONET Job Zones
For use with the ONET Interest Profiler.

Prior to Post Test Ideas
Ideas for instructors to use to verify student readiness to post-test as well as tips for after post-testing.

Ten-Hour Check Ideas
Ideas for instructors to use to gauge and encourage student commitment to the program.

Understand Yourself
An example of a learning styles checklist to use with your AE students.

Weekly Schedules
For student use.

A brief look at WIOA changes for Adult Education.

WIOA One Stop Fact Sheet
Overview of WIOA, in particular, the American Job Centers.

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