Workshop II

Taste Test Adventures with Harvest of the Month
Looking to add some local food into your out-of-school time programming? Harvest of the Month materials are available FREE to download from the Nebraska Department of Education website! Come learn about abundant existing resources that allow for plug-and-play implementation and how to modify them to meet the needs of your site, students, and program. We’ll also sample some local food and learn about engaging youth in the culinary experience that local food cultivates and celebrates. Tasty, useful, fun!
Sarah Meyer, Sarah Smith & Zaria Beckton

The Power of Relationships
In this session, we will explore the 5 social, emotional and behavioral learning (SEBL) competencies (self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decisionmaking) and provide examples for how to embed practices within after school programming.
Emily Arkfeld & Kala Peyton

School Safety in Afterschool
How can you implement the school’s safety plan and standard response protocols in afterschool? This session will discuss an assessment of the spaces you use for afterschool, how to partner with the school staff to ensure afterschool professionals have the tools needed to maintain consistent safety protocols, and training of afterschool staff.
Nola Derby-Bennett & Kyle Poore

Why Play Works
Let’s explore Why Play Works by Jill Vialet together. Play is important for all people – from childhood, through high school and as an adult. This workshop explores resources to support play for all ages. Learn about the great book you received when you checked in at the conference and how you can use it in your program. We’ll even take some time to play together.
Saundra Frerichs

Building Learning Pathways Across ELO Settings
This will be an engaging session where a learning pathway project around engineering will be presented by Beyond School Bells (BSB). Participants will hear about how BSB approaches and structures building intentional, interconnected learning experiences and will be invited to share experiences and what interconnections can look like in their communities.
Alison O’Toole

High School Students as ELO Staff
Hear from young people about their experiences as staff members in after school and summer programs. Learn their stories, successes and challenges as ELO staff.
Alana Pearson & Oakland Craig High School Students

NASA Games, Rockets, and Rovers in the Classroom
Hear from young people about their experiences as staff members in after school and summer programs. Learn their stories, successes and challenges as ELO staff.
Terresa Greenleaf-Littsen

Tasty Tales
Want to do a low cost recipe club with your students? Need ideas how to combine books and recipes to do fun low cost activities with little prep involved? Participants will be given 3 recipes/with book ideas to use. Participants will engage and make one of the recipes provided.
Tamma Zulkoski

Holding Space for Play the Playwork Way
Playwork Research and philosophies were sparked at self-directed play spaces called “junk playgrounds” in the 1930’s. Since then, a fount of information and research has formed allowing us a key view into the universal experience of play. In this workshop, we will talk about key playwork concepts and practices to create amazing play opportunities in any space, for any age, at any moment, with whatever resources you have.
Erica Larsen-Dockray

EE is(n’t just) for the Birds: A New PLT Unit
Birds are a wonderful introduction to the natural world and happen to be just outside your door! Whether in the city or a forest, birds are usually within easy eyeshot or earshot and make perfect focalpoints for environmentally themed after school clubs. Join us and learn to use Project Learning Tree’s newest resource – Together for Birds – designed for educators to use with students in grades K-5. Take flight this fall with new lessons from PLT.
Jack Hilgert

Updated October 27, 2023 9:41am