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Session Handouts

The Power of Afterschool and the Future of Learning
September 28, 2012
LaVista Embassy Suites Conference Center

Session Handouts

Sessions with available materials, click on the blue links.21st CCLC

Keynote — 9:15-10:00

Helping Youth through Positive Engagement
(Suzi Yokley-Busby)
Helping Youth through Positive Engagement.pdf

Concurrent Sessions A — 10:30-11:30

Building Intentional Relationships for the Successful Academic, Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Development of all Youth
(Suzi Yokley-Busby, Miles busby)

Planning and Implementing Family Science Events
(Kathie Phillips, Katie Konold, Ryan Mohling, Pat Dugan)

Against the Wind.pdf
Domino Diving Boad.pdf
Inspired by Nature.pdf
Mining for Chocolate.pdf
Thrill Seekers.pdf
Tumbling Tower.pdf

Fitting Nutrition in Afterschool Programs
(Natalie Sehi, Audra Losey, Beverly Benes)

At-Risk Afterschool Meals Program 9-28-12.pdf

Fitting Nutrition in Afterschool Programs.pdf
Think What You Drink.pdf

Partnerships Beyond Afterschool: A Broader Vision of Community School Partnerships
(LeaAnn Johnson)

Collaboration between School and Expanded Day Program – Doing what is best for students!
(Luisa Palomo, Josh Gillman, Cecilia Di Masi)
Staying in the Green: A Stoplight Study Skills Program.pdf

Let’s Go Global
(Sarah Sutton)

Let’s Go Global.pdf
Online Global Resources.pdf

Engaging Students through Project-Based Learning in the Afterschool Setting
(Kim Larson)
8 Essentials for PBL.pdf
Activity Movie Poster.pdf
Embedding Literacy into a Project.pdf
PBL Research Brief.pdf
Project Based Learning Sept 2012.pdf
Y4Y FAQ’s.pdf

Keynote — 11:45-1:00

Y4Y – Your One-Stop-Shop for Improving Afterschool Programs and Supporting Students Success
(Claiborne Taylor, Jennifer Kobrin)

Concurrent Sessions B — 1:15 – 2:15

Using the Y4Y Portal to Strengthen your Program
(Claiborne Taylor, Jennifer Kobrin)

Breadcrumb Match.pdf
Breadcrumbs Scramble.pdf
Alignment Checklist.pdf
Missing Breadcrumb.pdf
Scavenger Hunt.pdf

The Five Minute Miracle and other Ways to Integrate the Arts into Teaching!
(Nancy Engen-Wilden, Oscar Rios Porieth)

Building a Positive Climate to Help Youth Thrive
(Jessica Schlegelmich, Michelle Krehbiel)

Behavior Strategies that Everyone Should Know
(Matthew McNiff)

Behavior Strategies Everyone Should Know.pdf

Using Voice and Choice
(Patricia Stewart, Marcia Fritz, Gwyn Williams)

Session 12-13 final.pdf
Spring Session – Four Club Registration form 2012.pdf
Youth Voice and Choice.pdf

Developing a Unified and Collegial System that Effectively Integrates Community Learning Centers and Other Programs Within a School
(Rik Devney, Bret Schroder)
Developing a Unified and Collegial System that Effectively Integrates Community Learning Centers and Other Programs Within a School.pdf

Resources and Activities to Engage Secondary Students in STEM
(Michael Sibbernsen)

Concurrent Sessions C — 2:30 – 3:30

Engaging Minority Students in Afterschool Programs
(T. J. McDowell, Jr.)

Black Males in Afterschool Programs.pdf

Physical Activity in Afterschool Programs: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
(Danae Dinkel)
Afterschool Program Resources for Physical Activity.pdf

Creating an Afterschool Youth Leadership Program
(Dayna Krannawitter, Michelle Krehbiel)

Creating an Afterschool Youth Leadership Program.pdf

Marketing Your Program (in your school and community
(Kary Sell, Jeff Cole)

The Importance of Art in Afterschool Programming
(Iggy Sumnik, Gail Schriber)
After School Art Class Ideas.doc
Gail Schriber Statement.doc
Plate by Gail Schriber.jpg
Wine Glasses by Gail Schriber.jpg
Student Work 1.jpg
Student Work 2.jpg
Student Work 3.jpg
Student Work 5.jpg
Student Work 6.jpg
Student Work 7.jpg

Robotics, Unplugged!
(Wendi Laurence)

Robotics, Unplugged.pdf

Road, Rails and Race Cars…Engage – Excite – Educate
(Mary Herrington, Cynthia Baker, Quinton rodgers, Scott Sorensen)
Road, Rails, and Race Cars…..
MATC After School Program

Walk ‘N Talk

21st Century Community Learning Center
Map. pdf
Afterschool Resources.pdf
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Resources.pdf
Harvard Family.pdf


Career Education – NE Department of Education

Modern Woodmen


Nebraska Association of Resources Districts

Nebraska Community Learning Center Network

Nebraska Space Grant Consortium

Nutrition Services
2011 07-21 USDA Pamphlet.pdf
2011 06-17 Handbook.pdf
2012 Handout Afterschool Options.pdf
Think What You Dirnk.pdf

Afterschool Resources.pdf
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Resources.pdf

Harvard Family.pdf


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