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Timeline, Crosswalks, and Instructional Shifts

Timeline, Crosswalks, and Instructional Shifts Webinar

This webinar was created to either reintroduce or familiarize Nebraska Social Studies educators with the 2019 Nebraska Social Studies Standards. The video and webinar will cover the standards implementation timeline, grade and course crosswalks, and the instructional shifts. If you have any questions or concerns about the information presented in the timeline, please direct all inquiries to Ebony McKiver.

*Please note that the video does not allow viewers the ability to examine the details concerning the Social Studies Standards implementation or navigating the 2012 an 2019 Standards Crosswalk. Those features have been disabled for recording purposes. To access the information, Nebraska educators and other interested parties must select the Timeline, Crosswalks, and Instructional Shifts link to watch and interact with the video on another platform.

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Updated November 6, 2020 4:34pm