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Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries (Dimension 1)

As you continue to work with the instructional shifts in your classroom, the following webinar was created to help Nebraska educators understand how to  implement Dimension 1 of the C3 Framework – Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries. As you watch the following video, you will learn how to use state standards to plan inquiry, find the proper content angle for your students, and develop a compelling question that will propel your students through the remaining dimensions of the C3 Framework.

*Note* The above video does not allow viewers the ability to watch the two videos included in the webinar. Those features have been disabled for recording purposes. To access the webinar with the included videos, Nebraska educators and other interested parties must select the “Questions Instructional Shift” link  below to watch and interact with the video on another platform or select the videos from the links below.

Guidance Documents

Questions Instructional Shift

Video – The Power of Inquiry: How Asking Questions Can Change the World

Video – Questions

Updated January 13, 2021 12:14pm