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Why do I have an “Invalid Code” error for this code: 01-2-06404-237?

The problem with this code is that Federal disbursements do not need the Increase Retirement Contribution Contribution (Object Code 237) broken out.   100% of the Retirement Contributions for employees paid out of a Federal Program should be recorded in the 23X series.

I just uploaded the account coding for our ESU. The report stated that I had an invalid agency code. I do know that I have used the correct ESU agency code.

The AFR system currently is set up to test school district coding only.

The AFR Upload system does not have ESU Agency IDs  or the ESU Master List activated at this point.   We anticipate this to be available in early fall.

When you uploaded your csv file, your ESU account list was compared to the District Master Code List, not the ESU Master List.

ESUs will be notified when they can upload a test file.

How do we code for paying out our teachers for their unused sick/discretionary days?

You would want to use Object Code series 15X – Additional Compensation.  Since you’re coding for teachers, the actual object code would be 151.  The function code would be for either for 11XX for Regular Ed teachers or 12XX for SPED teachers.  If this is for an administrator such as a Principal, the function code would be 2410 – Office of the Principal.   You’d use the same function code that is used to record their regular salary.

How do we fix the codes that are listed as “Invalid Codes” in the error message after we upload our AFR codes into the AFR Upload Test Site?

The AFR system generates a list of codes identified as “Invalid Codes” for those that will not be accepted by the AFR system.

The majority of the invalid code message are due to:

  • Inappropriate combination of fund, function codes and object codes.  Here are some common examples of inappropriate combinations:
    • Object code 630 Food should not be coded into the Special Building Fund.
    • Object Code 105 Superintendent salary (and benefits) should only appear in Disbursement Function 2320 Executive Administration.
  • Object codes that were eliminated from the original Master Code List (posted in September 2018) when the Master Code List posted in June 2019.
  • No leading “dash” for the coding string.
  • Revenue reported by school level
  • School ID Number does not match NDE Information
    • Go to NDE ADVISOR Resource Page and click on “All District and School Codes (Excel).”

Here are the steps to correct invalid codes:

  • Review each invalid code identified by looking up the function and object codes the Users’ Manual.
    • If the function and or object code(s) do not appear in the Users’ Manual, it means that this code does not exist.  You will need to find an existing code that best fits your needs.
  • Confirm the code combination exists in the 2018/19 Master Code List.
    • The Master Code List is set up with a filter at the top of both columns so you can determine whether the combination of fund/function/object code exists.
  • If the school ID appears as invalid, find your school codes, go to NDE ADVISOR Resource Page and click on “All District and School Codes (Excel)”  and find the correct code.

Once the invalid codes have been corrected in your financial software, export a new csv file and go through the steps to upload again.

If you do not see a list of “Invalid Codes,” you will be able to continue through the system to view the various reports to verify the uploaded data.

Why doesn’t my calculation for General Fund Regular Instruction (1100) for each of my schools match what the AFR System generates?

Amounts shown on the school level disbursements will include the amounts that were identified at the school level PLUS the allocation of district disbursements

For example:  In the General Fund, the School District Grand Total reported for General Supplies (Object code 610) was $4800:

  • $2500 was reported as General Supplies (Object code 610) was reported at the district level (district number 000)
  • $1200 was reported as General Supplies (Object code 610) at the school level for the high school (school number 001)
  • $1100 was reported as General Supplies (Object code 610) at the school level for the elementary (school number 002).

The $2500 (reported at district level) will be allocated to each school level based on the district’s ADM percentages:

  • 45% high school  =  $1125
  • 55% elementary  =  $1375

The high school (001) total (with the district  level allocation) for General Fund Object Code 610 would be $2325 ($1200 +$1125)

The elementary school (002) total (with district level allocation) for General Fund Object Code 610 would be $2475 ($1100 + $1375)


We’ve coded all of the SPED-related therapist services for 2018/19 into the 1200s Special Education contracted services. What do we do to correct the coding into the 21XX codes?

You should first identify those costs into the main categories:

  • Psychological Services  214x
  • Speech Pathology & Audiology 215x
  • Occupational Therapy 216x
  • Physical Therapy 217x
  • Visually Impaired 218x

Then break each category down by age levels:

  • School Age   xxx1
  • Ages 3-5   xxx2
  • Ages 0-2   xxx3

Do not code any SPED-related disbursements into the 2190s.

We collect fees from students for the use of their computers. How do we code that? We also collect fees from staff members for this same purpose.

These transactions should be recorded in the General Fund only.    We suggest those fees be netted against the computer costs.  Since these computers are likely valued less than $5000 each,  you’d be using the 610 General Supplies Object Code.

We pay our Ag Teacher from a different account line than other teachers. We use 1170 instead of 1100. Do I need to change his salary code to 1100?

Yes.  Since Agriculture classes fit best within the disbursement function code of 1100, the coding will need to be changed from 1170 to 1100.   Disbursement Function Code 1170 is not included in the 2018/19 Master Code List so it will be rejected by the AFR Upload System.

If you need to track those expenses separately, check with your software vendor to see if you can add identifying characters to the end of the function code or if you can add a sub-account for that code.

How would we code the payout of unused sick leave to a terminating teacher?

Code the retirement payout amount (for example, unused sick leave) to Object Code 15X Additional Compensation (151 for Teachers/Professional Staff).

At the end of the school fiscal year,  record a journal entry to move that amount into Object Code 239 Early Retirement or Termination.

How should student insurance be coded?

Costs related to any type of student insurance should be coded in the General Fund under Function Code 2190 Support Services – Student – Other and Object Code 520 – Insurance (Other than Employee Benefits)

The code string would be -01-2-02190-520.