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Should we include In-Lieu-Of School Land Taxes in Property Taxes in Revenue Code 1100? Or should it be coded as Revenue 3800 identified as In-Lieu-of Taxes?

Actually, In-Lieu-Of School Land taxes haven’t been paid to schools in almost 20 years.  However, there are other forms of In-Lieu-Of Taxes that districts receive.  For example, In-Lieu-Of taxes paid by Public Power Districts should be coded in Property Taxes 01100.  Game and Parks In-Lieu-Of Taxes should be coded as 3990 Other State Receipts.

Revenue code 3800 will be removed from the list of revenue codes (and in the Master File of ESSA Codes) to avoid additional confusion.

How do we code “5% Gross In Lieu of” receipts from the county?

The “5% Gross In Lieu of” should be coded along with your property taxes in Receipt code 1100.

Do we need to break up nutrition program revenues received from families into the 1600s? Do we have to break up lunch revenue by school level?

Payments made by families/teachers may be deposited into one revenue account until the year is over when actual lunch, breakfast, milk, etc. counts can be determined.  Once that actual information is available, journal entries should be made to correctly allocate the nutrition receipts received from families/teachers.

Revenues are kept at the district level so you don’t have to break revenues down by school level.

Can I combine some revenue codes having small amounts into a single revenue code?

You should use the revenue codes that have been provided.  However, there may be some local revenue that is received on a one-time basis so that could be coded in 1990 Miscellaneous Local Revenue.

How do we choose revenue codes when some codes have very similar definitions?

Districts need to determine which revenue code best meets the district’s needs, document the rationale on why you’ve chosen a particular code for auditing purposes, and be consistent in how you code that revenue.