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4. General Program Compliance

National School Lunch Program – NSLP

Administrative Review – General Program Compliance

General Program Compliance (General Areas)

  • Civil Rights
    requirements are met when:

    • USDA’s current nondiscrimination poster is displayed in the kitchen/dining area where it is visible to all students.
    • There is no separation of students by race, color national origin, gender, age or disability during meal service.
    • Special diets, with correct medical documentation on file, are provided at no extra charge to disabled students as prescribed by regulation.
    • Foreign language translations of program materials are made available as needed.
    • USDA’s current nondiscrimination statement is included in appropriate program materials such as the student handbook in the section that addresses the School Meals Program.
    • School Lunch Menu’s include the nondiscrimination statement “USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”
    • Civil Rights Training has been provided for all staff involved in school meals program.
    • The school has adopted the “Recommended Procedures for Accepting/Filing Complaints Alleging Discrimination”.
  • SFA On-Site Monitoring
  • Local School Wellness Policy
  • Competitive Food Services
    – school are in compliance when:

    • Foods of minimal nutritional value such as soda water (carbonated beverages), water ices, chewing gum, hard candies, jellies, marshmallow candies, fondant, licorice, spun candy and candy-coated popcorn are not sold in the food service area during the meal service.
    • Food is not sold on the school premises by anyone except the school food service program form one-half hour before meal service to one-half hour after meal service for both breakfast and lunch.
  • School Meal Environment Report Card – Guidance to be released by USDA in the future.
  • Water – Drinking water is available to all students free of charge in the area where the school meals are served.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Food Safety Program:
    • The district has a written HACCP Plan. Copies of the plan have been distributed to each feeding site.
    • The HACCP Plan is periodically reviewed and revised as necessary.
    • Temperature logs, food safety checklists and production records or delivery¬†tickets for each feeding site are available for review.
    • A copy of the most recent health inspection report is posted in a visible location in the kitchen.
    • Completed temperature logs and food safety checklists are kept on file for one year.
  • Reporting and Record keeping
  • School Breakfast Program and Summer Food Service Program Outreach


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