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Data Collection and Reporting

MIS2000 Database Management System

Section 1304(b)(3) requires SEAs to promote interstate and intrastate coordination by providing for educational continuity through the timely transfer of pertinent school records (including health information) when children move from one school to another, whether or not the move occurs during the regular school year. The Nebraska Migrant Education Program (MEP) uses MIS2000 to record this information.

MIS2000 is a solution for the information needs of states serving migrant children. MIS2000 provides for the storage, retrieval and reporting of student information. Records are electronically transferred without a dependency on a national database. The installation process establishes a state database which is served by multiple sub-state installation sites with region, county, or district levels. Each sub state site communicates directly with the state system. States using MIS2000 can easily transfer student information from state to state. The Nebraska MEP promotes interstate and intrastate coordination through the continuity of records.

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MIS2000 Manual

Reporting Data Elements

Change of Data Form
Glossary for the Migrant Education Program (MEP)
MSIX Webinar – Managing Worklist-1-11-2017

MIS2000 Reports

Running a Snap Report
Snap Reports List

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