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Partnering with Passionate Parents – Mar 19, 2024

Explore 5 ways to make partnering with parents/caregivers more positive!

  • Pam Allyn, author and expert in literacy education, founder of Dewey
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Literacy and Language Justice with Families – Jan 16, 2024

While partnering with families, it’s important to make sure that all can understand and participate fully.  We discussed barriers to understanding and ways to overcome them.

  • Marlén Díaz, Parent from O’Neill, NE
  • Laura Cady, Early Literacy Specialist, NCFF


  • Unite For Literacy – Unite believes in a world where all children have access to an abundance of books that celebrate their languages and cultures and cultivate a lifelong love of reading. Check out their free digital library that offers the option to narrate books in over 50 languages.
  • Worldreader (app Booksmart) – 64% of 10 year-olds around the world can’t read and understand a simple story. BookSmart addresses this need by providing the books and the support required to build a habit of reading from a young age. With the free BookSmart app, children have the required tools to build their reading skills through high-quality books, activities that reinforce reading skills in fun and interactive ways, and where they are celebrated for their reading success.
  • Tandem – A cornerstone of Tandem’s work is the enduring idea that books should reflect children’s lived experiences and introduce them to the lived experiences of others. Tandem offers a variety of storytime videos and activity guides in multiple languages, including English and Spanish. They also provide culturally responsive booklists and activities.
  • Bookmarks – Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices  – A live-action collection of twelve five minute episodes featuring prominent Black celebrities and artists reading children’s books from Black authors that highlight the Black experience.

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Justicia en el Aprendizaje y Lenguaje de nuestras Familias – 14 de Enero del 2024

Al establecer alianzaz con las familias, es importante asegurarnos que todas puedan entender y participar plenamente. Discutiremos cuáles son los obstáculos que es importante superar para que esto suceda.

  • Marlén Díaz, Madre de Familia de O’Neil, NE
  • Laura Cady, Especialista en Educación Temprana, NCFF

Fuentes de Información

  • Unite For Literacy – “Unite” cree en un mundo en el que todos los niños tienen acceso a una cantidad abundante de libros que celebran sus idiomas y culturas, y cultivan un amor vitalicio por la lectura. Visite su biblioteca digital gratuita   que ofrece la opción de narración de libros en más de 50 idiomas.
  • Worldreader (aplicación Booksmart) – El 64% de niños de 10 años alrededor del mundo no pueden leer y comprender un cuento simple. BookSmart trata de abordar esta necesidad proporcionando los libros y el apoyo necesario para construir el hábito de la lectura desde una edad temprana. Con la aplicación gratuita de BookSmart, los niños pueden obtener las herramientas necesarias para desarrollar su capacidad de lectura a través de libros de alta calidad, actividades que refuerzan la lectura de manera divertida e interactiva, y siendo celebrados por sus éxitos en la lectura.
  • Tandem – uno de los pilares del trabajo de Tandem es la idea perenne de que los libros deberían reflejar las experiencias vividas por los niños e introducirlos a las experiencias vividas por otros. Tandem ofrece una variedad de videos de lectura y guías de actividades  en diferentes idiomas, incluyendo inglés y español. También proporcionan listas de libros y actividades culturalmente sensibles.
  • Bookmarks – Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices – Una colección de 12 episodios de cinco minutos que representa a destacadas celebridades y artistas Afroamericanos leyendo libros infantiles de autores Afroamericanos que se enfocan en experiencias de personas de color.

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Engaging Families and Communities with School Safety – Nov 14, 2023

School safety is more important than ever before.  We’ll be discussing ways to partner with families and communities to strengthen the safety of our schools.

  • Jay Martin, NDE School Safety Director
  • Laura Juarez, Parent from Lexington, NE – (started a parent group focused on bullying prevention)

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Participación de las Familias y Comunidades en la Seguridad Escolar – 14 de Nov del 2023

La seguridad escolar ahora es más importante que nunca. Discutiremos maneras en las que podemos aliarnos con las familias y comunidades de manera que la seguridad escolar se fortalezca.

  • Jay Martin, Director de Seguridad Escolar del Departamento de Educación de Nebraska
  • Laura Juárez, Madre de Familia de Lexington, NE – (inició un grupo para padres enfocado en la prevención del acoso o bullying)

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Engaging Families on Wellness and Habits for Success – Sep 19, 2023

A discussion with content area experts about how to start the school year with wellness and habits for success.

  • Deb Anderson, District Mental Health Liaison, Papillion-La Vista
  • Julie Alcorn, Former Sandhills Region School Counselor
  • Susan Martinez, Counselor & Social Worker, Scottsbluff
  • Amber Hartsock, NDE School Mental Health Specialist

Video Recording of the Sep 19th Nebraska CAFE

Video Recording

Recordings & resources from previous school years


School and Community Groups at Work – Nov 1, 2022
You can be part of building a successful community group at your school.  Hear from parents and afterschool organizers about the challenges they needed to overcome in order to create a school and community group that works.

  • Chantelle Wilke, Community Cafe Partner, Auburn
  • Jenni Anderson, Community Cafe Parent Host, Auburn
  • Carly Horstman, School Community Coordinator, Calvert CLC, Lincoln
  • Carie Lienemann, CLC Program Director, North Platte

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Educator and Caregiver Shortages that affect our Children – Sep 6, 2022

The national shortage in educators and caregivers is affecting Nebraska as well.  What has been done and what can we do?

  • Bill Comely, Schuyler Elementary School Principal
  • Monica Wells, Buffett Early Childhood Institute
  • Tonya Jolley, Buffett Early Childhood Institute
  • Jill Garrett, Director of Kids Can
  • Deb Hembry, Parent

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Advocate & Navigate  – May 4, 2022

Finding resources for children with special needs. Parents and professionals share their stories in a panel discussion.

  • Shannon Gibson, PreK/Elementary School Counselor Omaha Nation School, Macy, NE.
  • Kathy Moldenhauer, Assistant Principal Roper Elementary School, Lincoln, NE.
  • Krista Meyer, Parent
  • Todd Schmeeckle, Parent

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 How to get Your School to Listen to You: Bullying Prevention – Jan 13, 2022


  • Define bullying and rediscover your school bullying policy
  • Examine response to incidents of bullying
  • Discuss and identify ways to support your student’s mental health during incidents of bullying

Cesar Torres, Doctoral Student Specializing in School Psychology and Bullying, UNL Bullying Intern, NDE

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Collaborating to Support Student Emotional and Behavioral Wellbeing – Oct 6, 2021

We are excited to invite you to an important discussion in how families can collaborate with schools to support their students emotional and behavioral wellbeing.  We will discuss practices families can model and engage in with their students at home to help build their student’s ability to cope with current stressors. Most importantly, we will give an overview of mental health resources within Nebraska so that families can seek emotional and mental wellbeing to support for their student when needed.

  • Cesar Torres, Doctoral Student Specializing in School Psychology and Bullying, UNL Bullying Intern, NDE
  • Mariella Resendiz Alvarado, State Coordinator of Full-Service Community Schools, NDE

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Parent Voices – Feb 24, 2021

    1. If you could share a message to other parents what would it be?
    2. What have your children done that you are proud of?

Elliott Elementary, Lincoln, NE Parent Share

Prescott Elementary, Lincoln, NE Parent Share

Technology Resources – Nov 12, 2020

Dorann Avey, NDE Digital Learning Director

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