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Nebraska CAFE

Please join the upcoming live Nebraska CAFE online meeting for families, community members and educators on

Thursday, January 13, 2022 @ 1:30 PM CT
Thursday, March 3, 2022 @ 5:30 PM CT
Wednesday, May 4, 2022 @ 10:00 AM CT

Next meeting January 13, 2022

Bullying is a pervasive behavior that negatively affects the school environment and has lasting outcomes on all students involved (i.e, victims, bystanders, and perpetrators). When bullying occurs it is important to address it immediately with your school and through collaboration to develop a plan to support your student. However, bullying situations are complex and determining what specific resources your school offers can be difficult.

This discussion will provide guidance and resources on strategies you can utilize to communicate with your school to ensure a response. Further, we will explore resources and identify specific steps parents, teachers, and students can take when addressing bullying behavior. Other topics such as the relationship between mental health and bullying, school policy, resources at the state level, and other important topics will be discussed depending on your specific concerns.

La intimidación (él bullying) es un comportamiento que afecta negativamente el medio ambiente scolar y tiene effectos  sustanciales en todos los estudiantes involucrados. Cuando ocurre el acoso escolar, es importante reportar de inmediato la occurrido con su escuela y, a través de la colaboración, desarrollar un plan para apoyar a su estudiante. Sin embargo, las situaciones de intimidación (bullying) son complejas y determinar qué recursos específicos ofrece su escuela puede ser difícil. Esta discusión proveera un guíay y recursos sobre las estrategias que puede utilizar para comunicarse con su escuela y para garantizar una respuesta. Además, exploraremos recursos e identificaremos pasos específicos que los padres, maestros y estudiantes pueden tomar cuando occura  la intimidación (bullying) . Otros temas como la conexión entre la salud mental y la intimidación, la poliza escolar, los recursos a nivel estatal y otros temas importantes se discutirán dependiendo de sus preguntas específicas.

Presented by
Cesar Torres
Bullying Research Intern
School Safety & Security, Office of Coordinated Student Services
Nebraska Department of Education

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Invitation to Join (video)


Nebraska CAFE Dates


Invitation to Join (video)


Nebraska CAFE Dates



Nebraska CAFE Dates



Nebraska CAFE Dates

Goals of the project are to

  • amplify family engagement in schools across the state,
  • further empower families as change-makers in schools, and
  • provide a platform for families to communicate, network, be heard, and learn from others across the state.

Gatherings include time for gaining information and time to talk with others in small and large groups.

Everyone is welcome!

Interpreters will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, Karen and Arabic.

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