Nebraska Leadership and Learning Network (NLLN)

The Nebraska Leadership and Learning Network (NLLN) is a state-wide process that uses network meetings for collective learning. The NLLN group members are designing a sustainable in-state model to ensure equity-driven school leadership support in schools receiving comprehensive support and improvement (CSI). NLLN group members will have access to the following:

  • The opportunity to be in the driver’s seat as a statewide system of support is developed for principals, by principals, in partnership with the NDE, Educational Service Units, community partners, higher education, and the Nebraska Council of School Administrators
  • The opportunity to not only create a support system for other Nebraska leaders but to grow professionally and use this growth to benefit one’s own district
  • A professional learning network which includes structured facilitated conversations around topics such as key indicators of highly effective schools
  • Context-specific problem-solving support to turn challenges into opportunities
  • Nationwide connections and support from consultants and current research

In addition to the critical impact of the classroom teacher, principal leadership is identified as one of the most significant factors in determining the success of students McCaffrey et al., 2003).  The Nebraska Leadership and Learning Network (NLLN) is a framework of support designed to maximize the impact and influence of principals in Nebraska.  The NLLN is committed to developing equity-driven leadership skills as outlined in the Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Standards through a system of purposeful collaboration and support.  Education leaders across Nebraska identified three specific concepts within the newly-revised standards as the most critical to the success of principal leadership:

  • Staff and Student Culture
  • Equity and Cultural Responsiveness
  • Instructional Leadership

 “Research across the decades has confirmed that effective school leadership is associated with better outcomes for students and schools. A high-quality school leader affects dozens of teachers and hundreds or thousands of students. It is a pivotal role.”  Rand Corporation, 2019

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Contact Information

Ryan Ricenbaw
Nebraska Leadership and Learning Network Specialist
Cell:  531-510-8514

Kim Snyder, Ed.D.
Director of Statewide Teacher & Principal Support
P:   402-471-4351


FAQs for NRCSA, NCSA, and Higher Education Organizations updated 5/6/2019 (pdf)

FAQs for ESU updated 5/6/2019 (pdf)

FAQs for  Principals and Superintendents updated 5/6/2019 (pdf)

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