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Nebraska Leadership and Learning Network (NLLN)

The Nebraska Leadership and Learning Network (NLLN) is a state-wide process that uses network meetings for collective learning. The NLLN group members are designing a sustainable in-state model to ensure equity-driven school leadership support in schools receiving comprehensive support and improvement (CSI). NLLN group members will have access to the following:

  • The opportunity to be in the driver’s seat as a statewide system of support is developed for principals, by principals, in partnership with the NDE, Educational Service Units, community partners, higher education, and the Nebraska Council of School Administrators
  • The opportunity to not only create a support system for other Nebraska leaders but to grow professionally and use this growth to benefit one’s own district
  • A professional learning network which includes structured facilitated conversations around topics such as key indicators of highly effective schools
  • Context-specific problem-solving support to turn challenges into opportunities
  • Nationwide connections and support from consultants and current research

Contact Information

Kim Snyder, Ed.D.
Director of Statewide Teacher & Principal Support
P:   402-471-4351


FAQs for NRCSA, NCSA, and Higher Education Organizations updated 5/6/2019 (pdf)

FAQs for ESU updated 5/6/2019 (pdf)

FAQs for  Principals and Superintendents updated 5/6/2019 (pdf)

NLLN Infosheet

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