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S.E.E.D. Frequently Asked Questions

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) provides videos of conversations about the standards through the lens of a student, teacher, principal, Educational Service Unit, Higher Education Educator Preparation Program, and NDE.  Listen to Nebraska educators speak from their perspective about the standards, the support they offer teachers, and the alignment of work across the state educational system.

In April of 2020, the Nebraska State Board of Education ( SBOE ) made a commitment to a common language of effectiveness for all Nebraska school teachers and leaders by approving revisions to the Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Standards ( NTPPS ). These standards provide a structure designed to address the complexities of teaching and leading. The Nebraska Department of Education ( NDE ) is committed to organized and intentional collaboration with key partners to develop and implement a system using these standards as the foundation to support the educational community in addressing equity in schools.  The system is called Supporting Educator Effectiveness through  Development (S.E.E.D. )

Teacher Standards:  Planning and Preparation (15:03)
Teacher Standards:  The Learning Environment (14:22)
Teacher Standards:  Instructional Strategies (15:43)
Teacher Standards:  Professionalism (15:55)

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