Statewide Accreditation Report Summary

Statewide accreditation reports for schools dating back to 2015 were analyzed to determine key growth areas across Nebraska. The recommendations from the accreditation reports underwent content analysis to determine the presence of Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Standards (NTPPS) language, themes, and concepts given in the qualitative data. Each recommendation was classified into primary, secondary, and tertiary themes from six content themes determined. The data has been categorized by overall prevalence from 2015-2023, by report year, and by the reporting district’s Educational Service Unit (ESU) region. Regional ESU data has been provided to each ESU in individualized reports.

2021-22 Statewide Accreditation Report for Public Schools

2022-23 Statewide Accreditation Report for Public Schools

Updated July 15, 2024 2:40pm