Nonpublic Systems Reporting Guidance
2023-2024 Date: 08/29/2023
2022-2023 Date: 09/20/2022
2021-2022 Date: 08/10/2021

Consolidated Data Collections (CDC) Calendar (Nonpublic Only)
2021-2022 Date: 07/2021

For the Current and Previous School Year Staff Instruction Manuals,  please visit the “Staff” page.

Nonpublic Curriculum
2023-2024 Version: 15.0 Date: 01/23/2024
2022-2023 Version: 14.0 Date: 01/20/2023
2021-2022 Version: 13.0 Date: 01/20/2022

For Biennial Course, Cooperative and Dual Credit Forms, please visit the Accreditation site here.

The Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) is a web-based system accessed via the NDE Portal designed to collect data, most often aggregate or summary data, for state and federal reporting.

For more information about the CDC collections, please visit the Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) page.

For District/School codes, please visit the ADVISER page.

For Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements, please visit the ADVISER page.

For ADVISER Person ID instructions, please visit the ADVISER page.

For Quick Reference Guides, please visit the ADVISER page.

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