Peer Educators

Peer Education is an equal dialogue between peers and is an effective behavior change strategy.  Peer educators are often used to effect change in a person’s knowledge, attitude, belief, behaviors, or perception of social norms. With peer education programs the greatest impact occurs first within the peer educators themselves, then their immediate circle, followed by their outer circle, and finally actual audience members.

The “Sunny D’s” HIV Peer Educators has received the 2012 Governor’s Points of Light Award

Pictured with Governor Heineman and the First Lady are Diana Chavez,  Lexi VanBoening, DJ Maar,  Luke Fanning, Alyssa Ziemba, Chris Junker, Kelley Junker, Brenna Crawford.







Central Plains Red Cross Supporting Academics – PHIVE-O’s and Sunny D’s

The Sunny D’s and PHIVE-O’s are youth groups who focus on peer education on HIV/AIDS in the central Nebraska area. The PHIVE-O’s began in 1991, 20 years ago, thru the Hastings College, making sure that every incoming student hears at least one hour of HIV prevention information from them. The Sunny D’s began in 1997 thru juniors and seniors in Hastings High School. These groups work diligently to raise awareness and educate about a serious and difficult topic. Led by Judy Sandeen and Chris Junker, these youth make a difference every day in the lives of our youth.

Thank you all for your help in presenting a tough topic thru peer education!

Pictured are Judy Sandeen, Hailey Hemenway, Kelley Junker, Chris Junker, Jaime DeTour and Liz Sullivan, PHIVE-O and Sunny “D’s” sponsors and members.


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