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Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) Collections for Nonpublic Systems Now in Audit

Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) collections for Nonpublic Systems now in Audit

If you have already Submitted and Approved your CDC collections for the 2020-2021 school year, thank you. If you have not, this serves as a reminder these collections were due Jun 15 and are now in Audit.

ESU/District/System/School Information Report

This report is used to collect general information relating to a Nonpublic system, including name, address, website, phone and any changes in District status, including school closure.

For more information, contact Ginny Carter –

Nonpublic High School Completer Report

This collection is for Nonpublic systems that have the potential of serving students in grade 12. Students are reported by type of completion and by gender and race/ethnicity.

For more information, contact NDE Helpdesk –

Pupil Transportation Report

This report exists to collect transportation and bus information from all Nonpublic systems. All systems must complete this report – even if no pupil transportation services are provided.

For more information, contact Janice Eret –

Report of Suspensions/Expulsions

This collection assists with mandated state and federal reporting of Suspended and Expelled students.

For more information, contact Jolene Palmer –

Substitute Teachers

Collects all substitute teachers by name, their NDE Staff ID, and the number of days taught. See Rule 21 for details: 92 NAC 21-005.23 & 92 NAC 21-005.24. This collection has been open since August 2020.

For more information, contact NDE Helpdesk –

 Days in Session/Instructional Program Hours

This collection consists of 2 different reports: Days in Session and Instructional Program Hours.

Days in Session is the actual number of days school is open with teachers and students, not what was originally planned.

Instructional Program Hours are the actual instructional program hours in session (not just scheduled)…Read More › – Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) Collections for Nonpublic Systems Now in Audit