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Social Studies Standards Public Comment Meeting

Ground Rules for Social Studies Standards Public Comment Meeting

The Nebraska Department of Education will take oral comments on the draft social studies standards by videoconferencing on Thursday, November 15th at 10:00 a.m. CST [9:00 a.m. MST] and 6:30 p.m. CDT [5:30 p.m. MST] at the following five locations across the state:

  • These oral comment time periods may be extended if necessary to allow as many individuals as possible to speak.  The comment periods may be shortened if all individuals who are present and wish to speak have spoken.  In order to have the best opportunity to speak, individuals should be present at the beginning of the comment time period.
  • Oral comments will be taken from individuals at each site on a rotating basis.
  • Each individual will be allowed to speak once.
  • Individuals will be asked to limit their comments to five (5) minutes in order to allow time for everyone to speak.  Please refrain from simply repeating comments previously made.
  • Individuals attending the meeting at one of the 5 interactive sites will be able to see and hear testimony from individuals at the other locations.  Individuals who are unable to attend may watch the meetings via live streaming over the internet at
  • Individuals who do not speak during the comment periods may submit their comments in writing by mail to Standards Input, Nebraska Department of Education, 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, NE 68509 or by email
  • Individuals who do speak during the comment periods also may submit written comments by mail or email prior to November 28th.