Coronavirus Resources for Schools

Public Health Resources for Districts, Schools, Students, and Families

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) is committed to assisting school communities during public health emergencies. We support school districts in their decisions to keep student and staff safety their top priority. Should a crisis arise, NDE will work closely with other state and federal agencies to ensure continuation of critical services to students, families, and educators and the restoration of the teaching and learning environment.

State agency leadership is monitoring possible impacts and seeking ways to assist schools and districts. As such, we have created a resource page with links to information and updates to provide more guidance statewide for schools. The webpage is evolving and we will continue to update it in the coming days and weeks.

This is a dynamic situation and information will likely change moving forward. We ask that school officials make the best decisions regarding the safety and wellbeing of their students, staff, and communities. If the need arises, we will address the long-term policy questions related to rules and regulations. The NDE will be working closely with state health officials to monitor the situation and recommend schools and districts collaborate with their local health departments.

Updated March 9, 2020 2:57pm