Middle School Standards

Middle School Standards (2017 Version)

Over the past year, the need for Middle School standards was made very apparent.  As a result, a team of teachers worked throughout the year to examine current practice and develop standards for middle school implementation.

Courses will appear as FACS 6, FACS 7, and FACS 8.  Teachers can teach any of the courses to any grade level.  The number simply denotes what most FACS teachers in Nebraska believe it is the appropriate age at which to teach that set of standards.  These courses will appear as coded courses in the Course Codes and Clearing Endorsements (Appendix D).  If you have questions about these standards or implementation, please contact the FACS Career Field Specialist, Tracy Way.

Through the standards writing process the team also contributed suggested teaching activities to assist with ideas for how to teach the standard.  Strategies will continue to be added to this list throughout next year and beyond.  This is a separate document from the official standards listing so that updates can be made independently of the standards.

MS Standards

MS Standards with Teaching Strategies





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