Secondary CTE Data Reporting

Blue Nebraska imageCareer and Technical Education data are collected to support the federal reporting requirements of the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act. All definitions for data elements, the data reporting calendar, and instructions for interfacing with ADVISER are available on the ADVISER Resources home page.

There are no changes to the data reporting requirements for 2018-2019 related to the reauthorization of Perkins V. 

Key considerations when reporting CTE data

The due date for these data are June 15th. There is an audit window from June 15-June 30th when data must be finalized.

  • Data submissions include grades 7-12 in schools that offer career and technical education courses
  • Career and technical education participants are determined during the current program year
  • Concentrators are determined by evaluating the number of courses in which the student earned credit throughout the 9-12 school experience within a specific career cluster
  • Concentrators should be reported when they are in the 12th grade
  • No students can concentrate in the CEFOUND program code

Data Elements

All secondary CTE data are reported through ADVISER. The data elements related specifically to CTE are 8.1 and 12 and can be found within the ADVISER Data Elements handbook. However, many additional data elements must be submitted for CTE data to be accurately collected in full (i.e. course codes).

  • Data Element 8.1: Career & Technical Education Program – these data include (1) the identification and coding of the cluster area(s) the student participated and/or concentrated, (2) the identification of the student’s highest level of participation in that cluster area, (3) if there are multiple cluster areas of participation, an indication of which would be considered the student’s primary, and (4) if the student is a concentrator, the identification of the Technical Skill Attainment using the coding structure provided. View the Course to Career Cluster Crosswalk
  • Data Element 12: Postgraduate Activity – these data elements are used to provide follow-up information on the concentrators that graduated in the previous year. More information on obtaining follow-up data can be found in the Graduate Follow-Up Approaches and Resources document within the “Resources” section to the left.

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