Secondary CTE Data Reporting

Career Education data are collected to support the federal reporting of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. All templates, forms, data reporting calendar, and instructions for interfacing with ADVISOR are available on the ADVISOR Resources home page.

The due date for these templates is June 15th. There is an audit window from June 15-June 30th.

Key considerations when reporting:

  • Data submissions include grades 7-12 in schools that offer career education courses
  • Career education participants are determined during the current program year
  • Concentrators are determined by evaluating the number of courses in which the student earned credit throughout the 9-12 school experience within a specific career cluster.
  • Concentrators should be reported when they are in the 12th grade
  • No students can concentrate in the CEFOUND program code

There are three primary aspects for reporting secondary data:

  1. The Student Grades Template: A student template must first be submitted for each student appearing in a Programs Fact template or the data loading process will reject the record. The Student Snapshot template is already required for reporting by every school for every student through the ADVISOR system. This template collects information related to the student’s demographics and characteristics.
  2. The Programs Fact Template: Career Education: This template has three primary areas for completion for Career and Technical Education. The basic flow of completing the template requires (1) the identification and coding of what cluster area(s) the student participated and/or concentrated, (2) the identification of the student’s highest level of participation in that cluster area, and (3) if the student is a concentrator, the identification of the Technical Skill Attainment using the coding structure provided. Click here to see the Course to Career Cluster Crosswalk.
  3. The Post School Survey Template: the Post School Survey is used to provide follow-up information on the concentrators that graduated in the previous year. The information provides the data required to report on the follow-up measure. More information on obtaining follow-up data can be found in the Graduate Follow-Up Approaches and Resources document within the “Resources” section to the left.

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