BEST Award

2022-2023 B.E.S.T. Award

Complete this application (Download Application Here) by May 12, 2023 to be considered for the B.E.S.T award for BMIT educators.

2019 B.E.S.T. Award

Belong- Excel-Study-Travel

2018 B.E.S.T. Award News Release

2018 Award Winners

2018 Award Winners
Back Row: DeLayne Havlovic, Kelly Means, Janice Arent, Peggy Parker, Matt Maw, Kathleen McCune, Angie Chittick, Jean Condon, Janet Stadler, Renelle Mooney and Deb Wolken
Front Row: Janet Lear, Dennis Krejci, Lisa Fox, Alyse Andreasen, Shelly Mowinkel, Jimi Cole, Cathy Nutt, and Lorrie Mowry

2018 BEST Award Winners

Back Row: Liz Crabtree, Teresa Feick, Pat Olson, Cindy Talley, Nanette Shackelford, Wanda Samson, Dawn Friedrich, Jan Went, Kari Tunink, Kyleigh Lewis, Celeste Rogers
Front Row: Angie Palmer, Susan Wellman, Shawna Koger, Tennille Allison, Kim Pickering, Jan Osborn, Lindsay Tillinghaust, Jocelyn Crabtree and Deb Stroh

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