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ELPA21 Assessment

Nebraska’s English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century (ELPA21)

ELPA21-Screener-Guidance_New-Users_Final_2020-21Nebraska is a member of the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century, ELPA21, a group of states that designed and developed an assessment system for English learners.  The system is based on the NE ELP Standards and addresses the language demands needed to reach college and career readiness.  The ELPA21 assessment system currently includes screener and summative assessments.  For a one-page quick guide for each of these assessments, click below:


ELPA21 Screener Guidance New Users (posted 8.12.2020)

ELPA21 Summative Guidance (will be uploaded in December)

Cambium Assessments (CAI) is the vendor for the ELPA21 in Nebraska.  All resources, materials, and system access for the screener and summative assessments can be found on the NE AIR portal at:

Nebraska ELPA21 Help Desk
Hours: 7:00AM to 7:00PM Central Time, Monday – Friday (except holidays)
Phone: 1.866.287.5617

2020 ELPA21 Test Window – February 3rd – March 13th

Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs) are available to use in interpreting the ELPA21 scores for both educators and parents. ALDs describe achievement in terms of skills measured and demonstrated on the ELPA21. They are broken out by domain and grade band. Also, included on the ALDs are the scale score ranges by specific grade. No translations are available this year.

Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs), also known as Performance Level Descriptors, describe what students know and can do by domain based on the assessment. These indicators can be used by educators to target instruction for each of the four domains, and to inform parents and students of the expectations for students to be considered proficient in English at a particular grade level or grade band. The final Achievement Level Descriptors for ELPA21 are the result of the work of ELPA21 member-state education department staff and panelists at the standards setting event in July 2016.

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