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Current Hearing Drafts

Title 92, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 9, HDRule9_Repeal_2018, Regulations and Procedures for Proration of Affiliated School System Bond Funds, as approved by the Commissioner March 29, 2018.  A public hearing was held 5/16/18, approved for appeal by the State Board 6/8/2018 and sent to AGO 6/8/2018.

Title 93, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapters 1-16, HDPersonnelRules_2018onlineNebraska Department of Education Personnel Rules, as approved by the Commissioner July 24, 2018.  A Public Hearing was held 8/27/18, revisions adopted by the State Board 9/7/2018 and sent to AGO 9/10/18.

Title 92, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 91, HDRULE91_2018(2) Regulations Governing Driver Qualifications and Operational Procedures for Pupil Transportation Vehicles as approved by the Commissioner October 11, 2018.  A Public Hearing is scheduled for Friday, November 16, 2018, 9 a.m. (CT).  Testimony will be received at the Nebraska State Office Building, Nebraska Department of Education, State Board Meeting Room, 301 Centennial Mall South, 6th floor, Lincoln, NE.

The Nebraska Department of Education’s main office will be closed to walk-in service on Wednesday October 17th from 1-3pm for an all staff meeting.