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Driver Training

Level I Instructional Training

  • Drivers of pupil transportation vehicles must receive Level I instructional training in the operation of vehicles that transport school children.
  • A “refresher” Level II course must be taken every five years after the Level I course.

Courses for Level I and Level II instructional training are offered throughout the year at various sites in Nebraska. The Nebraska Safety Center in Kearney coordinates these courses. Click here for a schedule of classes.

Level I & II Waiver Process

A “waiver” exam for the Level I & II instructional training course is available. Successful completion of this online exam allows an individual to apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a School Bus Operator’s Permit in case the individual has not had enough time to complete the Level I & II course. The waivers are good for 60 calendars days during which time the driver must take the Level I or II course.

For more information, contact the Nebraska Safety Center

  • (308) 865-8270 -or- (800) 854-7867 ext. 4

Program Contacts

  • Janice Eret: (402) 471-2248 or
  • Bryce Wilson: (402) 471-4320 or

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