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Inspection Process

Pupil Transportation

Inspection Process for Pupil Transportation Vehicles

Throughout each school year, all pupil transportation vehicles must be inspected through two processes:

1) Daily Vehicle Inspection

2) Mechanic’s Vehicle Inspection

Daily Vehicle Inspection

The driver is required to conduct a daily inspection before starting the daily route at a minimum.  The driver completes a daily vehicle inspection checklist and a weekly report of this information is submitted to the school’s transportation manager.  A copy of the completed daily inspection checklists must be kept on file at the school.

80-Day Mechanic’s Vehicle Inspection

All pupil transportation vehicles must be inspected by a school-appointed mechanic before school opens in the fall AND every 80 days thereafter while school is in session.

The school-appointed mechanic completes a Mechanic’s Vehicle Inspection Report after the inspection of each pupil transportation vehicle and submits to the school  If the school contracts for pupil transportation, copies of this form must be kept on file at the school AND with the independent contractor.

Program Contacts
  • Janice Eret: (402) 471-2248 or
  • Bryce Wilson: (402) 471-4320 or

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