Teaching Tactics I & II

The following activities are available for your use in the classroom.

Teaching Tactics Activities I

Cover Page (Word)
Ideas (Word)
Aptitudes (Word)
Visualize (Word)
Profit (Word)
Profit 2 (Word)
Economics (Word)
Business Plan (Word)
Business Plan 2 (Word)
Creativity (Word)
Creativity 2 (Word)
Surveys (Word)
Promotion (Word)
Marketing (Word)
Pricing (Word)
International (Word)
Employees (Word)
Small Business (Word)
Census (Word)
Franchising (Word)
Resources (Word)
Advertising (Word)
Ethics (Word)
Risks (Word)
Opportunities (Word)
History (Word)
History 2 (Word)
Startup (Word)
NCSEE Standards – Detail

Teaching Tactics Activities II

Introduction (Word)
Entrepreneurship-It’s Elementary (Word)
The Out of the Box Factory (Word)
BAGEL Business Basics (Word)
Financial Literacy in Entrepreneurship (Word)
GoVenture Activities (PDF)
Tower of Babel Challenge (Word)
What’s In It for Me? (Word)
Assets, Dreams, and Goals (Word)
Do You Know Your Community? (Word)
Entrepreneurship Books (Word)
Are We Prepared for a Global Economy? (Word)
Around the World (Word)
Can Americans Keep Ahead in the Global Marketplace? (Word)
Creating a Nation of Entrepreneurs (Word)
How Do Entrepreneurs View Risk? (Word)
Finding Your Own Business Options (Word)
Why Do They Buy? (Word)
Defying the Odds (Word)

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