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National Events

EntreEd Forum

EntreEd Forum
October 9-12, 2015
Oklahoma City, OK

The annual Forum, now entering its fourth decade, has been rede­signed and refreshed. Every session is designed with the classroom teacher/instructor in mind! Take home specific, actionable ideas.

Hands-ON! Workshops: 3 hour intro­ductory workshops and in-depth full-day workshops.
Concurrent Sessions: 45-minute sessions presented by business execu­tives, local entrepreneurs, and some of the nation’s leading business/marketing educators.
QuickStop Show and Tell sessions: QuickStop sessions (15-minutes each) designed to share actionable ideas. QuickStop presenters are charged with sharing something of significant value while the clock ticks.
DeepThink Roundtables: DeepThinks are intended to help work through a problem or idea in a discussion-oriented atmosphere.



NACCE 2015

NACCE 2015
Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Culture
October 11-14, 2015
Houston, TX
Conference Information and Updates:

NACCE2015 will focus on providing the tools to ignite and maintain an entrepreneurial culture at all levels and share actionable examples of staff applying the entrepreneurial method to common community college challenges.

Conference tracks:

  1. President’s Track –Mentor Your Senior Staff for Entrepreneurial Success
  2. Be a Catalyst – Drive Culture Change & Apply the Entrepreneurial Method To Challenges
  3. Co-Create an Entrepreneurial Culture in Your Larger Region
  4. Best Practices in "Teaching" Entrepreneurship