National Events

2018 Entrepreneurship Forum Attendee Packet

September 28-30, 2018 • Pittsburgh, PA • What’s Your Big Idea?

This year’s conference theme comes from the America’s Entrepreneurial Schools Initiative, in which we ask each participating school to provide at least one entrepreneurial experience for every student within the school building within the school year. We challenge each school to think outside of the box and ask, “What’s your big idea for bringing entrepreneurship to your school or classroom?”

Join us as we hear from passionate speakers in entrepreneurship and education. Network with your peers, make connections, and help develop the next big idea that will create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We invite and encourage active participation throughout the conference as we provide an engaging and hands-on schedule.


NACCE Conference

October 7-10, 2018 • Fort Worth, TX • The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Revolution – Steering Your Community Towards Prosperity Through Entrepreneurship