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Sustainability of ECIDS

There are four foundational aspects of ECIDS sustainability: broad and deep stakeholder support, widespread use of data and tools, demonstrated return on investment, and long-term commitments of fiscal and human resources.

Sustainability is crucial to an ECIDS. Often the system is created using grant funds that are available for a limited period of time, but the system must exist for several years beyond the grant period to achieve its purpose and vision. Producing an enduring, efficient, effective, and sustainable ECIDS is not a start-and-finish endeavor; there will always be more work to do to ensure that it remains current and relevant. Sustainability can take many forms, the most important of which often is showing the data’s value in informing decisions.

Developing a sustainability plan is important for defining how the ECIDS will continue to be used over time, who will have access to it, and how it will be governed. The plan should also describe the ongoing funding and personnel needed to support the system, including suggestions, recommendations, or statements of funding sources and how the funds will be obtained if they have not been already. In addition, the plan should outline how stakeholders and the public will continue to receive information about the ECIDS. Transparency is an important part of communicating about the evolving use of the ECIDS.

Updated August 20, 2021 7:04am