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February 2020

Good NEWSletter: Columbus High School Students Discover Job Opportunities with Behlen Manufacturing

For Columbus Public Schools (CPS), “discover” isn’t just a part of its mascot.  It’s a highlight of its curriculum. Regardless of the area, students are encouraged to discover their passions, interests, and develop their skills, and for those Columbus High School (CHS) students in the Behlen apprenticeship, their future. Jefferey Soto, the first student to graduate […]
January 2020

Good NEWSletter: National Recognition for Engineering and Technology Education

Westside Community Schools has been given two International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) for Program Excellence and Teacher Excellence  awards. These are the latest highlights in a string of exciting developments for District 66, which opened a state-of-the-art welding, fabrication, and manufacturing lab for students just months ago. The Westside High School Engineering and […]
January 2020

Good NEWSletter: The Ride of a Lifetime

The following article and photos were submitted by Lincoln Southwest High School student journalists McKenna DeRiese, Milana Done’, and Thursey Cook. Lincoln Southwest High School freshman Gregory Burroughs was gifted an adapted bike on Monday, giving him the ability to ride one for the first time. The gift was a generous donation by Preston’s March for […]
November 2019

Good NEWSletter: Nebraska "Crunches" the Competition

Nebraska “crunched” eight other states in a friendly competition in October. In celebration of National Farm to School month, Nebraska joined Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming in the Mountain Plains Region “Crunch Off” event to see which state could pledge the most bites per capita into crunchy, local food. […]
September 2019

Good NEWSletter: Nebraska Thursdays Local Food for Nebraska Schools

Nebraska Thursdays supports schools statewide in serving and promoting locally-grown or locally-produced foods in school cafeterias on the first Thursday of each month. The Northeast Nebraska Cattlemen and the Wayne County Farm Bureau cooked up fresh hamburgers for students in Wayne Community Schools to kick off this year’s Nebraska Thursdays. You can learn more about […]
August 2019

Good NEWSletter: Nebraska Students Leading the Nation

Nebraska students have a strong history of providing leadership at both a state and national level in Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). This year five Nebraska students are taking on national responsibilities and leadership roles in CTSOs. FCCLA Maddie Wittstruck from Milford Public Schools was elected as the FCCLA National Vice President of Finance. […]
June 2019

Good NEWSletter: One of a Kind Spanish Competition

Columbus High School hosted a Spanish Competition for the first time this year with 210 students from fourteen schools. Students from around the state showcased their Spanish skills in drama, folk dance, music, poetry, and poster/art. The event was open to any Nebraska student currently enrolled in Spanish III or higher.
April 2019

Good NEWSletter: Materials Matter: Choosing Curriculum

Every day, in classrooms all across the state, students are opening textbooks, logging on to computers, and completing worksheets.  But where do all of those materials come from? And how do we know the materials students are using to learn are actually teaching the right things? In Millard Public Schools, as in many Nebraska school […]
March 2019

Good NEWSletter: Nebraska FCCLA Members Show at Omaha Fashion Week

Imagine walking down a catwalk, all eyes on you, focused on what you are wearing.  It’s a dream for an aspiring fashion designer: the bright lights, clicking cameras, and oohs and ahhs coming from the crowd.  That dream came true for some of Nebraska’s most talented up-and-coming student designers featured during Omaha Fashion Week at […]
February 2019

Good NEWSletter: Student Leaders Celebrate Civics on Legislative Day

On a cold day in February, with a snow storm threatening, state senators began debate on a bill that focused on the importance of teaching civic readiness. In the balcony and on the floor of the legislature were dozens of leaders from Nebraska’s Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). The students were celebrating their Legislative […]
September 2018

Good NEWSletter: Adams Central School Expansion

A new school year means new beginnings and nothing beats the excitement of a fresh start like kicking off the year in a brand new school.  That was the case for both teachers and students at the new Adams Central Elementary in Hastings this year. Part of that excitement comes from several elementary programs finally being in […]
August 2018

Good NEWSletter: Summer School

While many kids choose to stay at home and relax during the summer, there is an increasing trend of students choosing to attend summer classes throughout the state. Gone are the days when summer school was only meant to catch up on missed classes or retake courses needed to graduate. Now students are taking classes […]
August 2018

Good NEWSletter: Be Kind

“Kindness costs very little and pays huge dividends.” Those words spoken by Millard Public Schools Superintendent Jim Sutfin resonated with a large crowd of educators, civic leaders, and students at a ceremony proclaiming August 24th as #BeKind Day. The campaign builds on the efforts of Ralston Superintendent Mark Adler and his wife, Joni, who have used the […]
May 2018

Good NEWSletter: Columbus Job Fair

Columbus Public Schools knows collaboration is an essential element to student success, especially during the transition from school.  A great example of that collaboration is a recent job fair aimed at graduating seniors. Area businesses partnered with Columbus High School (CHS), Nebraska VR, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, and the Department of Labor to host […]
February 2018

Good NEWSletter: Inside a Milken Classroom

January 11th, 2018 started like any other day for South Sioux City Middle school teacher Jon Pickenpaugh. But in an instant, everything changed. “When they called my name everything went numb,” says Pickenpaugh. “I remember hearing my name and being in disbelief and shock. I remember walking through all of the students and receiving the […]
February 2018

Good NEWSletter: Nebraska Innovation: ESUCC DE2TAILS Project

Not all  work in education happens in the classroom.  A lot of important work is done behind the scenes.  That work is the focus of an innovation grant awarded to the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC). With the $1.6 million grant, the ESUCC is going to incorporate multiple online educational and data collection systems […]
January 2018

Good NEWSletter: Nebraska Innovation, Personalized 21st Century Learning Initiative

Imagine a school where every student was learning based on their own personal needs, skills, knowledge, and interests.  Westside Community Schools are working to make that vision a reality through an Innovation Grant aimed at their Personalized 21st Century Learning Initiative.  The idea is simple: let the students have a hand in their learning and allow them to move at their own pace.
Imagine a school where every student was learning based on their own personal needs, skills, knowledge, and interests.  Westside Community Schools are working to make that vision a reality through an Innovation Grant aimed at their Personalized 21st Century Learning Initiative.  The idea is simple: let the students have a hand in their learning and […]
November 2017

Good NEWSletter: Nebraska Innovation, Expanded Learning Opportunity

How do you get kids excited to learn? Nebraska’s Expanded Learning Opportunity (ELO) Design Challenge is eager to find out and the project is starting with robots, art supplies, and imagination. Beatrice, Grand Island, Boone Central, Centura, and Auburn are collaborating to design and test new models of ELO curriculum that support Nebraska Career Readiness Standards […]
November 2017

Good NEWSletter: Nebraska Innovation: Plattsmouth Career Academies

Students at Plattsmouth High School (PHS) are preparing for the future like never before. Recently, the school was awarded a Nebraska Innovation Grant to refine its Wall-to-Wall Academy program. The PHS model is based on student interests, learning preferences, and career goals and involves extensive partnerships with community businesses and educational programs. “My goal is […]
July 2017

Good NEWSletter: Career Academies

Career Academies have been around since 1940 but they are taking on new life in Nebraska. A Career Academy is a sequence of academic and career technical courses which reflect a Career Cluster selected in response to local, regional, or state employment needs and demand for expertise. Many high schools across the state are offering […]

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