A new school year means new beginnings and nothing beats the excitement of a fresh start like kicking off the year in a brand new school.  That was the case for both teachers and students at the new Adams Central Elementary in Hastings this year.

Part of that excitement comes from several elementary programs finally being in the same location, all under one roof. Previously, Adams Central Public School District operated three elementary schools in Wallace, Juniata, and at Adams Central East.

Principal Allyson Bohlen felt  combining their elementary resources was essential to providing all students a complete educational experience.


The new roof covers an impressive facility that features “pods” of same-grade classrooms, acting as their own mini–schools for students of the same age.

Everything about the new school was designed to take advantage of modern teaching techniques and classroom technology.

The school even comes equipped with a special lighting system to help kids with specific activities. “At the touch of a button a teacher can change the lighting and atmosphere of their room. We have lighting for reading, lighting for testing, special lighting for changing the mood, to increase the energy in the room, or decrease the energy in the room,” Bohlen said.

The building also features a large library and computer lab, a full-size gymnasium, cafeteria, and full-size kitchen.

Adams Central is also opening a new preschool in Juniata to serve early childhood students.