The following article and photos were submitted by Lincoln Southwest High School student journalists McKenna DeRiese, Milana Done’, and Thursey Cook.

Lincoln Southwest High School freshman Gregory Burroughs was gifted an adapted bike on Monday, giving him the ability to ride one for the first time.

The gift was a generous donation by Preston’s March for Energy, a national organization focused on “providing special needs children access to freedom, fun, and exercise that an adaptive bike will provide.” The parts were sent to a bike shop in Omaha, where it was assembled before being transported to Southwest, where the presentation was held.

The bike was presented by Kevin and Lynn Robinson, who agreed to deliver it on behalf of the Preston’s March Foundation, which is located in New Jersey.

“It felt amazing to get the bike,” Burroughs said. “I was absolutely shocked. I thought it was going to be an end of the year celebration for my (unified) bowling team.”

Principal Mike Gillotti and fellow staff members organized the event so Burroughs would be shocked by the reveal of the gift.

“Gregory’s mom asked if the surprise would be a possibility and of course we wanted to help,” Gillotti said. “Gregory is fantastic and it was a great experience.”

After Burroughs recovered from his excitement, he was assisted onto the bicycle and was able to take a bike ride for the very first time.

Many students from the unified bowling team were able to attend, along with unified bowling coach and physical education teacher Lis Brenden, students from her Lifetime Sports class, and Burroughs’ friends and family.

“Seeing Gregory receive the bike meant a lot,” Brenden said. “It was really special to see how grateful he was when receiving it.”