Work IV

Staff, Students, Schedules, and School – OH NO!
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all different the hats you wear as an out-of-school educator? In this session, we will explore different options of managing all the different roles, plus talk with other peers about what works in their programs.
Chelsea Sidel

Elevating High School Staff Voices Statewide
Learn about Beyond School Bells’ (BSB) Youth Leadership Council (YLC), which was created to raise the voices of high school students who work in their local afterschool programs. As a part of this semester-long experience, council members propose projects to fill an unmet need within their afterschool community. Successful proposals then have the chance to be funded by BSB. Attend to learn how your HS staff could engage with YLC!
Lauren Clark
Handout 1 – YLC
Handout 2 – YLC Spr

Community Partner Round Up
North Platte Public Schools Kids Klub program has amassed 30+ community partners during their 20+ years in the Afterschool and Summer field. Come learn who they partner with, how those partnerships work, and what steps they take to keep or remove partners from their program in order to keep their content fresh and exciting. Examples of press releases, programming ideas, and ways to stay connected to your community will be shared.
Carrie Lienemann & Delana Humpherys

Capturing Student Stories: How to Use PhotoVoice
What is PhotoVoice? A creative way in which you can identify, represent, and enhance your program by sharing thoughts and experiences through photos and stories. This session will
walk participants through the PhotoVoice process, how to use with students, and the benefits of incorporating non-traditional evaluation methods into practice. Examples will be shared from programs who have utilized PhotoVoice with all ages of students.
Jolene Johnson, Laura Fritz, Jennifer Harmon & Samantha Chloupek
PHOTO Opening
PHOTO Question

iGrow Germination
To help youth become engaged in agriculture, a fun, science-based, hands-on program focusing on corn was developed. This program, called iGrow Germination, is geared towards rural and urban elementary youth. Youth can complete a corn germination experiment, interact with a corn production display, and learn more about the corn industry. Participants will receive a teaching guide, activity worksheet and participate in a germination activity.
Tracy Anderson & Calvin DeVries

Students as Food System Leaders
This session will describe and give an update on Grow NE – a Beyond School Bells supported project to empower Nebraska students to create and own their food systems. As part of BSBs
Grow NE, high school students have led food system efforts like planning and managing gardens, garden clubs, and directing food products in the afterschool and summer programs of their respective communities.
Dakota Staggs

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Developing Quality Staff and Programs
It’s been over 80 years since “The Wizard of Oz” arrived in theaters. An instant success with unique and memorable characters. But what if we look at the story again? Could we learn from it? This workshop will challenge you as a leader to pause and reflect on building culture with your team and program. Be ready to share out in this interactive session and discover that as a program leader, you have what it takes to move forward on the yellow brick road.
Nicole Everingham & LaRon Henderson

STEMify All the Clubs!
STEM is a buzzword in afterschool that can integrate into ANY club with just a little bit of work. Sports Club? Yup! Pokémon Club? Definitely! Art Club? You bet! We’ll discuss how to take any club and how to smoothly incorporate STEM learning into it. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to adjust STEM activities to all grade-levels and abilities. We invite you to come with a specific club or activity in mind that you’d like to STEMify.
Brian Welch

Walk to Unlock Nebraska: 3 Trails, 85 Checkpoints & Hours of Activities
Nebraska, it’s not for everyone! Join the Walk to Unlock Nebraska (W2UN) program to combat that thought. W2UN is a customizable physical activity program that incentivizes miles accumulated (locally/on-site) by reaching checkpoints along a virtual trail. Walk to Unlock Nebraska is a customizable opportunity to engage youth in learning & physical activity. The program features an interactive map of Nebraska that allows users to track their locally achieved physical activity miles to make progress on virtual trails across the state. Checkpoint topics vary to keep all students K-8th grade eager to keep moving! Want a program with resources specific for you? Join our Central Stretch or Southern Loop pilot & receive goodies!
Erika Wibbels

Engineering Engagement for All
Engineering activities can be fun, but not all activities offer meaningful opportunities for youth to develop skills and a STEM identity. In this session, we will engage in an engineering experience that fosters an engineering mindset. We will consider what makes the lesson high-quality and explore the Click2Engineering website designed to help educators develop their own understanding of engineering practices and an engineering mindset.
Christine Cunningham & Ann O’Connor

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