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Outdoor Play and Recess

21st CCLC


Children’s Contact with the Outdoors and Nature: A Focus on Educators and Educational Settings
This section reviews research focused on the physical, mental and social benefits that contact with the outdoors and nature provides to children.

Health Benefits to Children From Contact with the Outdoors & Nature
These articles summarize literature related to outdoor and nature contact and children’s health and well-being.

NJSACC Celebrate Afterschool! Outdoors in the Garden State Activities and Resource Guide
This guide includes activities related to nature, animals, trees and leaves, outdoor play adventures, gardening, weather exploration, art, and being green in addition to fun facts.


National Kite Month
This website provides information on building and flying kites.

Peaceful Playgrounds
This website offers resources and information regarding playgrounds, including supervisor training, supervision, examples of rules, benefits of recess before lunch and 60 alternatives to withholding recess.

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