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21st CCLC


99 Ways to Make Your After-School Program Even Healthier
This toolkit offers ways to promote healthy eating, provide time for physical activity, incorporate culture, make staff development a priority, provide youth with positive role models, engage youth in leadership roles, get family involved, use the community as a resource and more.

California After School Physical Activity Guidelines
The intent of the California After School Physical Activity Guidelines is to create high-quality physical activity programs that expand learning opportunities of the regular school day.

Outdoor Family Fun Guide
This guide provides activities and ideas to incorporate fresh air into the family’s busy routine.


Action for Healthy Kids
Action for Healthy Kids addresses the epidemic of overweight, undernourished and sedentary youth by focusing on change in schools, offering resources for schools and afterschool programs.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Alliance for a Healthier Generation provides resources to build a healthier environment at home, in business, at school and out of school time with support, guidelines and tools.

This website offers resources that after-school professionals can use in encouraging children and youth to eat right and be active.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
CDC Healthy Youth promotes the health and well-being of children to help them become health adults, and this section of their website addresses the school’s role in promoting health education.

Kids Health
This website offers ideas for interactive learning focused on a health and fitness emphasis for parents, children and teens.

P.E.links4u provides articles on exercise, physical activity, sports, games and activities.

United States Department of Health and Human Services, Physical Activity Guidelines for America
Chapter 3: Active Children and Adolescents provides physical activity guidelines for children and adolescents aged 6 to 17, and focuses on physical activity beyond baseline activity.

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