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Nebraska Student and Staff Record System

The Nebraska Student and Staff Record System (NSSRS) is the Nebraska Department of Education's primary method of data collection from Nebraska public districts.


Participation in "NDE Data Submission Workdays" held at the ESUs is strongly encouraged. Contact your ESU for NDE Data Submission Workday scheduling information.


2014-2015 NSSRS Instructions

2014-2015 instructions and calendar are now available on the NSSRS Resources page. Please refer to the "Change Summary" in Appendix A of each manual for an itemized list of changes. Updated eScholar Data Source Templates, highlighted for use in Nebraska, will be available on the NSSRS Secured Information website at a later date.

2014 State Data Conference

The 2014 Nebraska Data Conference was held April 14 & 15, 2014 at the Younes Conference Center in Kearney. Please click here for more information and to access handouts from the conference. Please note that the 2015 Nebraska Data Conference will be held April 27 & 28, 2015 in Kearney at the Younes Conference Center.

NDE Data Access and Use Policy and Procedures

The "NDE Data Access and Use Policy and Procedures" (December 2010) document is now available within the "Program-specific Information" section of the NSSRS Resources page. [12/03/2010]

Nebraska P20 Data Memorandum of Understanding

A copy of the "Memorandum of Understanding for Sharing of Student Data between the Nebraska Department of Education, the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska State Colleges, and the Nebraska Community Colleges" is available at

Nonpublic Systems and Uniq-ID

Nonpublic systems should continue to utilize the Student Unique Identifier (Uniq-ID) system in the NDE Portal to obtain NDE Student IDs for new students and update information for existing students (for example, Grade Level, Location, and School Year).

NDE Bulletins

NDE Bulletins ( provide updated information and clarifications regarding various Department activities. NDE Bulletins are sent via email to superintendents and forwarded users NSSRS subsystems to ensure timely information is received by appropriate people.


Please contact the NDE Helpdesk toll free at 888-285-0556 (402-471-3151) or if you have any questions.