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Nebraska Purple Star Schools

What Are Purple Star Schools?

Each year, Nebraska schools serve nearly 4,000 students who have at least one parent involved in the military. Signed into law in 2021, the Purple Star Schools Act recognizes schools making a commitment to support the unique needs of military involved students and families.

How to Qualify

Required Activities to be considered a Purple Star School include:

  1. Designating a military liaison
  2. Maintaining a dedicated webpage for military-connected students and families
  3. Maintaining a transition program led by students
  4. Offering professional development for school staff related to military-connected students
  5. Creating/Doing one of the following:
    • Resolution from school board showing support for military-connected families posted on school website
    • Recognize April as the military child month or November as military family month with relevant events being held
    • Partner with a local military installation to provide opportunities for service members to volunteer or otherwise be involved in the school
  6. Submit an application to the Nebraska Department of Education.

*This LB 5 pdf explains the above in further detail


Applications will continue to be reviewed year round.

For further information on the Purple Star Schools Award, contact Derek Ippensen at

Updated September 20, 2023 12:11pm