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Nebraska VR

Nebraska VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) partners with agencies and businesses across the state to assist individuals with disabilities in setting and achieving their employment goals.

We recognize the needs of the individuals connecting with our offices are as vast as the opportunities we have in place to support them. Customized trainings, work based learning experiences, and self-employment planning are a few of the many options we can explore based on an individual’s strengths and interests.

At Nebraska VR, staff are prepared and dedicated. We’re prepared to meet with the high school student who is getting his first glimpse into the world of work and we’re equally ready to plan with an employee seeking the opportunity to gain skills and training in order to advance in her chosen career pathway. Our dedication to deliver quality services stems from our own commitments reflected in the agency’s purpose, mission and values.

Whether you’re curious about how our services can support you in finding or keeping employment or you’re a business looking for qualified candidates, we look forward to a discussion about how we can assist in meeting your needs.

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Updated June 13, 2019 1:24pm