English Language Proficiency Standards

The English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards were adopted by Nebraska in December 2013 and implemented in school year 2015-16.

ELP Standards
ELP Standards September 2014 (pdf)

District ELP Standards_Curriculum Alignment

Districts should determine a process for aligning their curriculum with the ELP standards.  A few considerations when going through this process:

  • The ELP standards were designed for collaborative use by both ELL and content teachers.
  • A group of teachers (both ELL and content teachers) should be at the table when working through the alignment.
  • Districts may use or adapt the process that is already in place for other curriculum alignment.

Once determining an alignment process, documenting the process is important.  Below is a sample ELP Standards Alignment Process Checklist.  This could be used to document the process of aligning a district’s ELL curriculum to the ELP standards.  It is meant to be customized to meet district needs.

ELP Standards Alignment Process Checklist

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