English Language Proficiency Standards

The English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards were adopted by Nebraska in December 2013. Please plan to become familiar with them and start implementing them in the school year 2014-15—with full implementation in school year 2015-16. For assistance in understanding and planning for the new standards, check the list of trainers for someone in your district or consortia who will be able to assist you.

ELP Standards
ELP Standards September 2014 (pdf)

District ELP Standards_Curriculum Alignment

Districts should determine a process for aligning their curriculum with the ELP standards.  A few considerations when going through this process:

  • The ELP standards were designed for collaborative use by both ELL and content teachers.

  • A group of teachers (both ELL and content teachers) should be at the table when working through the alignment.

  • Districts may use or adapt the process that is already in place for other curriculum alignment.

Once determining an alignment process, documenting the process is important.  Below is a sample ELP Standards Alignment Process Checklist.  This could be used to document the process of aligning a district’s ELL curriculum to the ELP standards.  It is meant to be customized to meet district needs.

ELP Standards Alignment Process Checklist

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