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School Librarian Resources for Administrators


The following resources are available to all school systems in Nebraska to help assist and support school libraries and school librarians. Other associations for support include:

Nebraska School Librarians Association (NSLA) –

University School Library Programs

UNO Library Science Programs

  • Website
  • Contact: Dr. Sara Churchill, at
  • 402.554.3413
UNK School Librarian Program 

  • Website
  • Contact: Judy Henning, at
  • (308) 865-8074


What Does A School Librarian Do?

School librarians serve as leaders, instructional partners, informational authorities, teachers, and library program administrators in prekindergarten through grade 12.

As a fundamental component of college, career, and community readiness, the effective school library:

  • Delivers a well-rounded educational program that develops a culture of reading and provides opportunities for all members of the school community to become skilled in information and technology
  • Teaches learners to systematically question and assess the validity and accuracy of information
  • Links academic knowledge and course objectives to deeper, personalized learning by fostering curiosity and initiative through well-designed instructional programming and a wide variety of resources and technology
  • Ensures access to a collection of current and high-quality digital and print materials, resources, and technologies that support the diverse developmental, cultural, social, and linguistic needs of learners
  • Builds new knowledge through inquiry, critical thinking, and developing strategies for problem solving
  • Provides opportunities for learners to interact with a range of diverse resources, multiple viewpoints, and global perspectives
  • Educates the school community on the ethical use of information and the intellectual property of others
  • Establishes policies that promote effective acquisition, circulation, and access to resources within and beyond the school day
  • Uses local and external data to inform program mission, goals, and policies
  • Supports professional development within the school

National Librarian Standards

At this time there are no state-specific standards for librarians however, the NDE recommends school districts use the national AASL standards as their framework for a school librarian program. This framework provides more continuity in districts across the state and answers questions about what school librarians should be doing for their school communities.

(Link to the National standards)

In addition, the NDE recommends school librarians prepare an annual overview of work provided each school year to be shared with school leadership and educators. Information that can be shared could be, but is not limited to:

  • Library Mission Statement
  • Photos of students using library resources and library events
  • List of school year events: examples –  Voter registration day, Teen Read week, Banned Books week, book club meetings, makerspace events, etc.
  • List of lesson topics taught to students over the school year
  • Library resources usage and statistics (data)
  • Professional Development opportunities shared with staff
  • Annual Changes and facility program improvements made
  • Current & Future School Plans and Goals
  • Services & resources available to students and staff
  • Social Media connections and website information
  • Current staff contact information & pictures

Additional Resources (AASL)

School Librarian Evaluation Checklist

School Librarian Job Description

School Librarian Interview Matrix (Question Matrix)

AASL Position Statements:

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