Nebraska Literacy Plan

The Nebraska Literacy Plan is a tool to guide instruction for students in preschool through high school programs. The Plan is meant to assist districts in developing policies, procedures, and practices that have been proven to make a difference for students who are struggling or are educationally disadvantaged. It is also designed to help identify, support, and move forward those children for whom there is an achievement gap—the very striving readers for whom the grant is named—through quality literacy instruction in the classroom, effective interventions, and a family, community, and school partnership that supports each student in their endeavors. The Nebraska Literacy Plan provides support for districts regarding a balanced system of assessments to inform instruction. The Plan is intended to be a yardstick for educators and administrators to measure the effectiveness of their instruction and interventions, and to plan for future instruction. The Nebraska Literacy Plan is not a state curriculum map, nor does it dictate a specific curriculum. Rather, it has been designed to provide continued support for local control, and to allow district and building leaders to tailor it to suit the needs of their individual districts and schools.


The Nebraska Literacy Plan is currently under revision. A team of Nebraska educators is working on updating the plan to reflect current initiatives and the updated strategic vision and direction of the Nebraska Department of Education.  For more information, please contact

Updated April 11, 2022 3:57pm