Nebraska will lead the way in addressing inequities of the past by focusing on opportunities to learn for all students and by adopting a relentless focus on outcomes that ensure all stakeholders deliver on the promise of equity.

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Key Messages

The Nebraska Department of Education champions all schools and communities in developing and maintaining a positive school culture that supports learning opportunities for all students.

  • Equity in education ensures all students are known, heard, and supported while having access to the opportunities and resources needed to be ready for success. This includes opportunities for students to discover and explore their interests within a positive learning environment.
  • NDE will champion Nebraska’s educational system through five Commitments for Equity in Education:
    • We commit to an equity of opportunity by ensuring all Nebraskans are college, career, and civic ready
    • We commit to an equity of achievement by measuring and tracking academic progress
    • We commit to an equity of access by leading and supporting educator effectiveness
    • We commit to an equity of access by supporting quality instructional materials
    • We commit to an equity of access and opportunity by engaging Nebraskans on emerging needs in the educational landscape

All Nebraskans, across all backgrounds and circumstances, deserve equitable access and opportunities for success.

  • Equity requires that opportunities and outcomes exist across race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, family background, adverse events, and/or family income.
  • The state will lead and advance educational equity for all through five roles:
    • CHAMPION educational equity by actively leading the strategic vision, goals, and policy direction to support learning, earning, and living for all students;
    • REGULATE educational equity by leveraging policy authority to ensure delivery of high-quality, equitable education and services, beyond compliance with state and federal regulations;
    • BUILD CAPACITY around educational equity by directing technical assistance and professional development opportunities and by promoting the sharing of best practices;
    • BUILD CONNECTIONS in support of educational equity, bridging the divide between learning, earning, and living, connecting schools, families, businesses, and communities
    • Demonstrate CHANGE AGENCY by exploring and supporting promising new innovations that advance educational equity

Equity is a matter of human dignity. As educational leaders of Nebraska, it is our duty to ensure that courtesy and respect are shown to all students.

  • All educators should take reasonable steps to provide for the safety of everyone in their school and keep all students safe from discrimination, harassment, and bullying.
  • Education leaders should take all reasonable steps to provide time, resources, and support for learning opportunities for their school, students, and staff to ensure that all have a clear understanding of the expectations of a positive school and community culture.
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