The core purpose of the Elementary and Secondary school Emergency Relief Fund is to provide direct money to school districts to support areas impacted by the disruption from COVID-19, which includes both:

  • Continuing to provide educational services while schools are closed, such as remote learning; and
  • Developing and implementing plans for the return to normal operations.

Nebraska will receive $65,085,085 in ESSER funds from the CARES Act, of which 90 percent ($58,576,577) will flow through to LEAs as sub-grants based on the proportion that each LEA received under title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in school fiscal year 2019-2020.  An LEA that did not receive Title I, Part A funds in school fiscal year 2019-20 (either because it was not eligible or because it declined funding) would not generate a share of ESSER Funds. LEA allocations will be calculated using the Title I formula however relief funds will not be subject to Title I requirements.

The Department will use the remaining 10 percent ($6,508,509) SEA reserve for emergency needs as determined by the Department to address issues related to COVID-19, which may be addressed through the use of grants or contracts. From this reserve, the Department may use not more than 1/2 of 1 percent ($325,425) of the SEA total reserve for administrative purposes.


2020 CARES Act Public Feedback Survey: Executive Summary

Updated January 13, 2021 2:25pm