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Students at the four Lincoln CLC sites enjoyed a multi-generational (elementary, middle school, and university student) approach to learning about science. Each semester, UNL students designed content for weekly clubs, then taught that to the middle school students at Culler and Park.  Part of each club session was teaching the middle school students how to deliver the same content to elementary students. The elementary students traveled to the middle schools once per week to participate in the club, taught by the middle school students. Students at Lakeview were also fed an evening meal at the school with their Park partners. In addition to the weekly clubs…
• Students visited science labs at UNL, met scientists, and toured their labs
• Students were exposed to careers in science, and had the opportunity to meet people in those careers
• Students led two very successful “Sunday with a Scientist” events at Morrill Hall

Primary project partners include:

  • Lincoln Community Foundation (fiscal agent)
  • Lincoln Public Schools (local evaluator)
  • Dr. Eileen Hebets, University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
  • Kathleen French, University of Nebraska State Museum
  • Malone Center
  • Cedars
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Willard Community Center
  • Park Community Learning Center
  • Lakeview Community Learning Center
  • Hartley Community Learning Center
  • Culler Community Learning Center

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