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Delivery System School Guidance Curriculum

Curriculum has structured developmental lessons designed to assist students in achieving the competencies. Curriculum is presented systematically through K-12 classroom and group activities. Curriculum is provided to all students, which is proactive, preventative, and developmental. It is organized to help students attain, develop, and demonstrate competencies in learning, earning and living (domains of academic development, career development, and personal/social development).

Curriculum Criteria

  • Written curriculum has been adopted based on data, research, and needs
  • Materials, equipment, and facilities are sufficient to support program delivery
  • All students receive curriculum content, in a systemic way
  • Content is measurable by pre/post tests, product creation or other appropriate methods
  • Effectiveness of curriculum is evaluated annually
  • Curriculum priorities are a result of data driven decisions

Tools & Curriculum Resources that align with the Nebraska School Counseling Program

  1. C4C Curriculum for Careers brocure (PDF)

  2. C4C Curriculum for Careers (NDE Link)

  3. Nebraska Career Connections (Outside Link)

  4. Navigation 101 (Outside Link)

  5. Elementary Curriculum Lesson Plans from Tuscon Unified School District (Outside Link)

  6. West Virginia LINKS Student Advisement Program (Outside Link)

  7. States' Career Cluster Initiative (Outside Link)

  8. Missouri Comprehensive School Counseling K-12 Curriculum/Lessons (Outside Link)