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Foundation Beliefs and Philosophy

Outlining beliefs/benefits will provide a set of guiding principles that guides the development, implementation and evaluation of the school counseling program.


Beliefs & Benefits Criteria

  • Indicates an agreed upon belief system about the ability of every student to achieve
  • Identifies who benefits from a comprehensive school counseling program
  • Addresses every student's right to a school counseling program
  • Focus is on primary prevention, intervention, and student developmental needs
  • Identifies who is to be involved in the delivery of program activities
  • Identifies who will plan and who will manage the program
  • Defines how the program will be evaluated and by whom
  • Establishes school counseling program as integral to school's education mission

Tools for Beliefs and Benefits

  1. Nebraska School Counseling Belief Statements (PDF)

  2. Benefits of Nebraska School Counseling Programs (PDF)