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WL Course Descriptions

World Language course codes and clearing endorsements are reviewed annually by the Nebraska Department of Education. Generally courses proceed, by language, from Level I to Level V. A Level I-V class is generally associated with high school credit although they may be offered at the middle school level. Middle school courses that are not for high school credit should be listed as Middle School Exploratory. For a full listing of course descriptions, please visit the official guide.

Nebraska Course Codes and Clearing House Endorsement Guide, World Language, page 251-273.


Short NameFull NameCourse Code
Am Sign IAmerican Sign Language I064100
Am Sign IIAmerican Sign Language II064101
Am Sign IIIAmerican Sign Language III064102
Am Sign IVAmerican Sign Language IV064103
Arabic IWorld Language Arabic I060001
Arabic IIWorld Language Arabic II060002
Chinese IWorld Language Chinese I060271
Chinese IIWorld Language Chinese II060272
Chinese IIIWorld Language Chinese III060273
Chinese IVWorld Language Chinese IV060274
Chinese VWorld Language Chinese IV060275
AP ChineseAdvanced Placement Chinese Language and Culture060276
MS FrenchMiddle School Exploratory French062021
French IWorld Language French I060221
French IIWorld Language French II060222
French IIIWorld Language French III060223
French IVWorld Language French IV060224
French VWorld Language French V060225
AP FrenchAdvanced Placement French Language and Culture060226
IB FrenchAIB Language A-French060227
IB FrenchBIB Language B-French060228
German IWorld Language German I060231
German IIWorld Language German II060232
German IIIWorld Language German III060233
German IVWorld Language German IV060234
German VWorld Language German V060235
AP GermanAdvanced Placement German Language and Culture060236
IB German AIB Language A- German060237
IB German BIB Language B- German060238
Japanese IWorld Language Japanese I060251
Japanese IIWorld Language Japanese II060252
Japanese IIIWorld Language Japanese III060254
AP JapaneseAdvanced Placement Japanese Language and Culture060253
Latin IWorld Language Latin I060105
Latin IIWorld Language Latin II060106
Latin IIILatin III060108
Latin IVLatin IV060109
AP LatinAdvanced Placement Latin060107
Latin IBLatin IB Classical Language060111
Russian IWorld Language Russian I060261
Russian IIWorld Language Russian II060262
MS SpanishMiddle School Exploratory Spanish062041
Spanish IWorld Language Spanish I060241
Spanish IIWorld Language Spanish II060242
Spanish IIIWorld Language Spanish III060243
Spanish IVWorld Language Spanish IV060244
Spanish VWorld Language Spanish V060245
AP Spanish LCAdvanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture060246
Ap Spanish LitAdvanced Placement Spanish Literature and Culture060255
IB Spanish AIB Language A- Spanish060247
IB Spanish BIB Language B- Spanish060248
Spanish NS 1Spanish for Native Speakers I060249
Spanish NS 2Spanish for Native Speakers II060250
MS Exploratory OthMiddle School World Language Exploratory Other062091
F Lang OthWorld Language, Other069931
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